This is a Mugen (an fighting game engine) page, from one of the oldest and biggest brazilian Mugen team. We are here since 2000…but all of us had grown up, so we’re all retired for now.

Free free to drop to us a line.


  1. I am not good at English.

    May I have permission to modify “Yuri Sakazaki” that is the characters that you

    I hope.

    • you need to contact its author, Fervicante.

  2. Hey O this is Rage From IMT. I was 1ndrn if u just left IMT or mugen in general?

    • No buddy, I’ve just quited Infinity Mugen Team and their EOH project.
      My work will go on 🙂

  3. In ur still in mugen come here so we ccan talk. http://deviant-generation.com/index.php

  4. E aih, Tio Ilu!!

    Soh queria saber se eu poderia ter o seu msn pra contato…curto mto seu trabalho no mugen (PRINCIPALMENTE O SPECOPS)…e eh isso aih, eu acho…

    Aih, Z…fala pra ele q eu sou gente boa 😀


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